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The Investigation pt. I [06 Jul 2002|01:57pm]
[ mood | excited ]

"Why are you dressed like that, Anakin?"
"What, these?" I knew it was a mistake to wear my new clothes in front of obi_wan, he isn't a very snappy dresser. "Something I put together. The Supreme Chancellor says..."
"You would do well to keep your own counsel, Padawan. The views of the Supreme Chancellor and the Jedi Council are not always in agreement. Not even in questions of fashion. Anyway, you look like a Nedemian comedy flautist."

Poor Obi-Wan! It must be hard for him to wear those musty old robes when there is so much more out there. Chatting with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine I was surprised to realize just how powerful my innate aesthetic sense was. It's not the sort of thing they explore in our training.
I had barely scratched the surface of textures, fabrics, and colors and here was Obi-Wan already jealous, and he couldn't even see it!
I changed the subject.

"Master, are you sure this is the one? I mean, we've had so many 'concrete leads' in the past few days. I feel as though we've interviewed all the scum on Coruscant."

Obi-Wan muttered something that sounded like, "We don't have the security clearance for that", and went on to remind me that all leads must be followed up.
"But do they need to be 'followed up' by you personally," I asked. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you didn't trust the other investigator's abilities, or maybe you have become to wrapped up in the case."

Obi-Wan stopped in his tracks, and stood silently for a minute.
"The wonderful thing about training a Padawan, Anakin, is that the Master learns as much, from the pupil, as he imparts to him. I see now, that I have become overly involved in this investigation. I will return to the Council and ask for guidance...but first, we will finish what we have begun."

I regretted teasing him like that. Not because he didn't deserve it, but mostly for the reason that I didn't feel like going before the Council again. Investigating was a welcome relief from the boredom of the Temple. I love my studies, but life without adventure is like a dinner without wine (another taste I have my new friends to thank for).
The Council is completely disorganized, and as far as I can tell gets little done. Why a man like Obi-Wan feels the need to update them on every little development I cannot understand. If only he would act without regret, without hesitation...and without the need for explicit orders, he could be one of the greatest Jedi whoever lived. Instead, every time one of us gets a runny nose, it's back to the Council for a strategy meeting.

Much had been planned since the bombing, but little was actually accomplished. Obi-Wan had too many things to worry about lately, sisters, secret plans, count_dooku...
He should have left this investigation up to me. I can tell that I am one of the few to have kept a level head during these events. It's not that I mourn the murder of those poor people any less than the others, it's just that it has to be viewed on a larger scale.

We are an Order under attack. The victims of the bombing were not innocent bystanders, they were our enemies. They were protesting against us! They were tools of Count Dooku, should they really expect so much sympathy from the Jedi Knights whom they despise?
If it was up to me I would investigate, certainly, but for reasons different from Obi-Wan's. What was done was an act against our Order, and against Republic law. Law must be maintained. I would see to it that those responsible were brought to justice. And the victims...well, maybe next time they would choose what side they were on more carefully.

We had arrived at the bar, swoop riders staggered in and out of the doors.
"Anakin, you go around the back, in case he tries to escape."

Obi-Wan stepped inside, and I adjusted my gloves.

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Again! [21 Jun 2002|01:03pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

This is the third time this week that I've had to save Master obi_wan!

Last night we were walking through the market district ,looking at the fresh and not so fresh produce, when Obi-Wan grabbed me and knocked me down. Blaster bolts went flying just above our heads. Someone was obviously using a speeder mounted turbolaser to get off that many shots. The stands around us were completely incinerated.

I was about to get up and show somebody some lightsaber action when Obi-Wan held me back again, saying, "It's probably a misunderstanding" and he would see to it.
Before I could complain, or at least suggest he let me hold the grocery bag, Master Kenobi vaulted the barrier we were using as cover and disappeared into the smoke.
From where I was, I could hear more blaster fire, some of it deflected by a lightsaber, screams, curses, and the sounf of metal being hacked apart.

I waited, as I was told, and after a minute or two, Obi-Wan came traipsing out of the cloud of debris, looking grimy but unharmed.

Just then a swoop rider swung right down out of nowhere, I leapt and swung my lightsaber in a twirling motion...but I got nothing but air! Unfortunately, Obi-Wan had already sliced one of its repulsor struts off sending it spiraling out of control.

"These guys are trying to kill us!" I complained, "First there was that turbolift that malfunctioned, then there was the swarm of neurotoxin beetles, now this! Who have you been dating!!!"
Infuriatingly, Master Kenobi dusted himself off and warned, "You may be reading too much into this, Anakin. We are traveling incognito, how would these...individuals, know who we were? Perhaps it is some sort of gang warfare, or just ill luck."

Yeah right! Wouldn't know we were Jedi...not that we're the only people walking around Coruscant in robes or anything.

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[09 Jun 2002|04:21am]
[ mood | sad ]

I think of my mother more and more these days.
It's nice to be back on Coruscant. I have some friends here, and I don't have to rely on Master obi_wan for company.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and I went out shopping today. He is a bit too into robes and such for my tastes, though we both agreed that I looked snappy in a black cape. It's hard dealing with older people. They always think they know better than you, just because they made the mistake of living longer. Palpatine isn't like that. He really understands people.

I didn't have money to buy the cape so he lent me some. I told him it would be improper for a Jedi to take money, but he pointed out it was just a gift between two friends. And what could be wrong with that?

The cape, or cloak really, is very nice, and has a good hood. It helps on nights like tonight when I leave the Temple and have to travel incognito.
Obi-Wan knows about my little night excursions and has always turned a blind if disapproving eyes towards them. He probably still thinks I am out rummaging through trash heaps in search of droid parts.
He doesn't understand how much I've grown. I'm not some kid now. I'm a man.

I watch the women in the bar. They all looked so bored. I know what it's like, all that waiting. I see the men watching them, hungry. It seems absurd that they can be so fat and still be hungry but they are. I hate them.
The poor women. They don't look any happier when they come back with their money. Of course it all goes to the pimp.

Lately, I've been thinking about my mother a lot.

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[26 May 2002|03:35am]
[ mood | worn out ]

Many times when I sleep I have nightmares. My master, obi_wan, has told me that I should pay attention to my dreams, but not put too much faith in them.

When I first told him about them, I was under the impression that because my subconscious was attuned to the Force, my dreams must be Force-influenced. Now I understand that they cannot be relied upon as a true indicators of what is happening or will happen. Sometimes dreams are just dreams.

I find that to be a comforting thought because often my dreams seem to be more like memories of experiences I have forgotten or not yet had.

Tonight I dreamt I was on Tatooine with my mother.

We were in the small house Watto owned as part of his business on the edge of town. My mother and other women would come there on different nights and they would go away into the rooms with men.

I was remembering it so vividly I was sure it happened.

A man in robes came in and he spoke with Watto. I was fixing one of the wall lights, and he saw me. He talked to me for a long time and said I was a special little boy and he wanted me.
He spoke to Watto again, and Watto didn't seem happy, but he told me to go with the man. My mother wasn't there and I wanted to wait for her to come back but she didn't.

The man and I went into a room and I sat on the bed and he told me that one day I would be a powerful man, and I should remember him and be grateful that he helped me become what I was. I didn't understand him, but I became very sleepy, like I was drugged.

Suddenly it was the next day and my mother was crying and wouldn't stop holding me. This wasn't so strange, but Watto came by and he asked how I was and just watched us for a while. He didn't even yell at my mother or tell her to get back to work. He just seemed sad.

Sometimes my dreams seem more real than the life I lead when I'm awake. I feel as if somewhere out there or inside me is another Anakin who got lost along the way.

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Hi! [24 May 2002|04:11pm]
Hi! I'm Anakin. I'm on a mission right now with my master, obi_wan, but I promise I'll update soon.
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